All Race All Class 3.3.5a for TrinityCore

All Race All Class 3.3.5a for TrinityCore
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This is All Race All Class 3.3.5a for TrinityCore.

To install this mod simply do the following:

1.) Download and extract the files anywhere.

2.) Go to you WoW directory. (C:/Program Files/World of Warcraft/)

3.) Go into your « Data » folder within the WoW directory. (C:/Program Files/World of Warcraft/Data/)

4.) Drop the « Patch-4.MPQ » into your data folder, then launch WoW.exe. (After you start your server, duh.)

5.) Enjoy World of the Gods. by ZeuL

This works well with PryDev servers.
Yes, totems work.
You may not be able to see the quests for your class, but talk to the quest giver anyway, it should have it.
If you find this anywhere but AC-Web, let me know!

This will edit your World database like no tomorrow, so be sure to make a backup!!!!!

Fixed the « Wrong Racials By Class » problem. (Not 100% but what I found during testing)
Fixed the « Classes Missing Skills » problem. (Not 100% but what was pointed out)
Fixed the « Can’t Get Class Quests » problem.
Fixed the « Starting Totally Naked » problem.
Did tons of testing, everything on my end is 100%.

Whoever made the SQL and Patch: Thanks, you’re awesome.
Ac-Webbers: for reuploading it. (corebg)
Me: Extracting the SQL, writing a ton of new code to fix the « Starting Totally Naked », « Can’t Get Class Quests », « Classes Missing Skills », « Wrong Racials By Class » problems, testing, tutorial, and uploading a server friendly version of this mod.
My wife: For helping me find a solution to the « Can’t Get Class Quests » problem.